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Visit Stranda generates income when you are not using your holiday home

Do you want to rent out your cabin?

Stranda Booking AS was established in the winter of 2004, with the aim of renting out cabins at Strandafjellet. We currently rent out cabins at Strandafjellet, Fjellsætra, Hornindal and Stranda.

Visit Stranda became our brand name in the summer of 2018. We are one of the biggest companies at Sunnmøre that rent out cabins, houses and apartments. With us, you are guaranteed professional handling of your home. We take care of everything related to the rental. 

An agreement with us means that you can get income by renting out your cabin when you are not using it yourself. You have full freedom to choose when you want to have the cabin available for rent. You will get access to our online system, where you book the periods you want to use the unit yourself.

How does it work?

We arrange everything related to the rental. Through good cooperation with you as the owner, we ensure that everything in the cabin is in order at all times. 

Possibility of income when you are not using the cabin yourself

Exposure of the cabin in our channels

Access to our online system where you easily book yourself

We take care of all the practical aspects of the rental

Professional handling of your home

Payment the following month with full report

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