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Rental terms Visit Stranda

General information


Your order is valid from the moment you received order confirmation by phone/email. Cross-check your order to make sure everything is correct. If something is incorrect, notify us as soon as possible. The order is binding from time of order, and then below section 4 “Cancellation”.

If there is any doubt if the booking is correct, please contact us. Mail: Phone: +47 451 64 000.

A thorough work is completed to ensure accuracy of all product information, marketing materials and the mediation process. Visit Stranda will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

Please note that, in most cases, product vendors also have their own custom terms and conditions. These are stated in the booking process.

Make reservations to any published or correction errors on web pages and other printed information about the offers made by Visit Stranda.

2. Rental periods

As a rule, the following periods can be booked: Single day, midweek and week.

3. Rental prices and payment

All prices presented at is in Norwegian currency (NOK), VAT and all expenses included, unless something else is presented. There are no tourist taxes in the region. Payment occur in online booking through accepted credit cards, Visa and Mastercard.

Netaxept is the integrated payment solution, where guests may pay with Visa or Mastercard. Third-party, Netaxept, will not get any access to guests’ personal information since Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is applied during transaction of personal information. SSL creates a (encrypted) connection between machine and Netaxept. In this way, the personal information ca be transmitted safely. The transaction itself is handled by Elavon, and this gives you a safe and secure trade.

If change in taxes or fees leads to increased costs for Visit Stranda after booking is approved and paid, the cost also increases for the guest who booked the service/product. Under these circumstances, guests will be informed immediately.

The following payment-plan is followed:

4. Cancellation

If renter wish to cancel the order in advance, you have the full opportunity to do so. The renter must in this case inform Visit Stranda, in writing, by e-mail, text or by phone, referring to the order number. The cancellation is valid when Visit Stranda have received and confirmed the cancellation.

For single cabins and apartment cabins, the following cancellation rules and cancellations fees applies:

  1. 1 When cancellation occur 28 days before arrival, a fee of 490NOK will be charged.
  2. 2 When cancellation occur 28 days and under the day of arrival, the guest will be charged 50% of the rental fee. 
  3. 3 When cancellation occur 14 days or less before the day of arrival, the guest will be charged 100% of the rental fee.

For units in Stranda Feriesenter, the following cancellation rules and cancellation fees applies;

  1. 4 When cancellation occur over 14 days before arrival, no fees will occur.
  2. 5 When cancellation occur 14 days and less, the guest will be charged 100% of the rental fee.

Reservations that have been moved cannot be changed or canceled.

5. Check-in

You will at the day of arrival receive an SMS before check-in at 16.00 to the phone number you have registered during bookings online as long as order is payed, and everything is clarified with bedlinens and final cleaning.

When message is received, you may go directly to the unit and no check-ins in the reception (Strandvegen 17, 6200 Stranda) is necessary. This message contains all the necessary information; name of unit, address to unit, coordinates to unit, code/key to door and general information. If unit is not prepared and clean by arrivals, this must be notified to us within two hours after check-in. Send photos to , marked with your unit name and your name. If failing to notify us, the unit will be considered as accepted.

6. Energy, phone, WIFI and electricity

Unless otherwise stated in the unit rental term’s description, no additional expenses will occur for electricity/heating. If unit have WIFI, it is presented unit presentation. Not all units have WIFI, search in facilities underneath each unit.

7. The following must be rented or brought

Bedsheets and towels are not included in the accommodation price. You have the option to bring this or rent with us for 139NOK pr. set. This set includes bedsheets + one large and one small towel.

During winter, wood to fireplace may be pre-ordered and delivered directly to the unit for 149, - NOK pr. bag.

8. Hygiene requirements- use of bedsheets/bedlinens

Bedsheets/bedlinens is mandatory to use. It is possible to rent this in the reception if you do not have it. This should be pre ordered. Inspection of the use of bedsheets/bedlinens may occur during your stay. If bedsheets/bedlinens are not applied, a fee of 1000NOK pr. bed for cleaning of matrasses and blankets occur.

9. Deposit

If final cleaning is not ordered and you desire to clean the unit yourself, a final cleaning deposit will be requested, and this deposit depends on the unit ordered. At the day of departure, the unit will be controlled/checked. If unit is 100% clean and ready for new check-in without any need for additional cleaning, the deposit will be refunded. If unit is not 100% clean you will be contacted pr. mail/phone.

10. Check-out and final cleaning

Check-out is the latest at 11.00, unless other is agreed upon in advance. If you have ordered a unit with door codes you can leave the unit, you do not have to stop by the reception. If your unit has a key, you can leave the keys in the door or deliver it to our reception or in the postbox outside the reception in Strandvegen 17, 6200 Stranda.

If late check-out after 11.00 occur, you will be charged 50% of unit price.

If final cleaning was not ordered, you must follow the instructions listed (checklist for cleaning) in information perm located in your unit. This does not apply for those who have ordered and paid for final cleaning. If unit is not 100% clean, you will be charged 100% of the final cleaning deposit.

Instructions for those who have ordered and paid for final cleaning:

  • The unit should be tidy and ready for final cleaning
  • Turn on the dish-washer
  • Garbage must out of unit.
    • Strandafjellet Ski Resort are divided into left and right side of highway 60. Roalden is on the right side (gondola side) when you face the Aalesund city direction. Stranda Fjellgrend is on the left side of the Ski Resort when facing Aalesund city direction.
  • Garbage Where depends on type of unit and its location;
    • Stranda Fjellgrend
      • Small garbage/disposal house (color: black) are located before unit 12A when you enter Stranda Fjellgrend. This garbage house is marked with Renovasjon.
    • Single units located at Fjellsætra
      • Garbage containers are placed on the road Nysætervegen on the right-hand side of the road, facing the water (Nysætervannet), before you reach the ski resort (Sunnmørsalpane Skiarena Fjellsætra)
    • Single units located Strandafjellet/Roalden/Stranda Ski Resort
      • Garbage containers are located at the entrance to the exit of highway 60, when entering Roalden (right side).
      • 50 meters from highway 60.
  • Leave empty bottles with outdoor entrance in plastic bags.
  • If bedsheets/bedlinens are rented, take these off and leave them in a plastic bag at the entrance.
  • The refrigerator/fridge and kitchen closets must be emptied.

The following instructions apply for those you will clean the unit themselves:

It you have decided to clean the unit yourself, it is important that the unit ready for next guests to check-in after you, without us having to do any cleaning.

  • Clean dust
  • Clean floors
  • Vacuuming floors and all carpets
  • Clean toilets
  • Cleaning of WC (toilet) and bathroom
  • Remove stains from doors/windows if any
  • Clean stove and fridge
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Remove ashes from fireplace if used
  • If rented bedsheets/bedlinens, remove them and put them into plastic bags and place them with the entrance door.
  • Leave pillows and blankets in the same condition as upon arrival, folded nicely.
  • Fridge must be emptied and clean.
  • Take out the garbage. Where is listed above.

We always conduct controls/checks of unit at arrival and departure day.

11. Dogs

Unless other is specified in the unit description, no dogs are allowed in the unit. Then, send request to

12. Guest commitments

In order to book accommodation, the responsible guest must be 23 years old. If the age limit is not met, the cancellation rules apply.

This area is family-friendly, and it should therefore be quiet between 23.00 and 07.00. If there is noise that is affecting another guest negatively, one will be held responsible. In such situations, the rental amount is not refundable. Smoking is not allowed. Violation of this rule leads to a cleaning fee of 6000, - NOK, which guest is obligated to pay.

Guest is liable to owners regarding all damages. The guest is obliged to cover any additional expenses occurring as a result of the damage. Guest is obliged to clean unit booked, cleaning instructions are under section 10 “Check-out and final cleaning”. If the cleaning is not approved, Visit Stranda has the fully right to charge a cleaning fee, depending on the size of the accommodation.

Damages on either the unit or inventory must be reported directly to Visit Stranda by phone/mail immediately. If the damages are caused by renter or any person in his or her presence, the renter is responsible for replacements directly to owner/Visit Stranda before departure at the end of the rental. Visit Stranda has the fully right to take a credit card reservation for the estimated costs related to the damage.

Vandalism and intentionally causing a false alarm of the smoke/heat detector and sprinkler systems must be replaced.

If smoke/heat detector are triggered, a fee of 1000, - will occur. If the sprinkler system is triggered, a fee of 3000, - occur, plus a cover of the damage/work related to the system being triggered. The renter of the unit is responsible for the payment.

11. Complaints

In case of any defects or errors in the unit, the renter is responsible for immediate notice to Visit Stranda within 2 hours of the error being discovered. Defects or errors means that the unit does not fulfill the specific details listed in unit description, formal requirements by law or technical equipment not functioning (coffee machine, dishwasher, hot water, heat etc.). The renter must immediately, at the latest, 2 hours after check-in contact Visit Stranda if the unit is not in accordance to the agreement. After 2 hours, the unit is understood as accepted.

12. Transfer of booking/order to 3rd party

If renter desire to assign order/booking to a third party, this can only be done by agreement with Visit Stranda.

13. Changes

Visit Stranda reserves the right to change the above conditions without notice. Visit Stranda also reserves the right to adjust prices for value for value added tax changes.

Visit Stranda may, in special situations where there for example occur damages/malfunctions on units, allocate the guest to another unit. Examples of this being remedies that must be made for the device to appear as presented. Visit Stranda is entitled to this. The guest will then receive the device closest to the rented device by default.

14. Force majeure

Visit Stranda plan to perform the activities/accommodation as advertised, but due to several factors that may affect the trip, one must take some reservations. If a trip gets cancelled or changed due to special circumstances caused by weather, nature, technical problems etc., you will be informed as soon as possible. If it is not possible to offer a fully worthy alternative and the results is a cancelled trip/acitivity, Visit Stranda will not to be held responsible for compensation or any related costs.

Visit Stranda will not be held responsible if sightseeing, hiking trips or fishing experiences have not been satisfied due to weather conditions. Visit Stranda will not be held responsible for any activities (part of a package) being cancelled due to external conditions outside Visit Stranda’s control.

If Visit Stranda cancels your trip, Visit Stranda will not be held responsible for any expenses related to your reservation. If you are unable to participate in the activity due to illness, injuries or any other obstacles that may occur, Visit Stranda is not obliged to provide alternative activities for you. There will also be no refund. In such cases, we refer to the rules of cancellations.

15. Risk

Make sure to have your own insurance covering your planned activity from the time the order is made through Visit Stranda. Your insurance must cover the entire time you benefit from the product, as well as the journey to and from, and personal insurance. Make sure to have adequate coverage for healthcare costs in case of medical emergency.

Make sure to understand and accept the risks associated with participating in any action-packaged activities. You participate on your own risk and responsibility.

Visit Stranda is not responsible for the following events/situations;

  • Weather of other unforeseen or inevitable conditions
  • Disease, injury or death occurred on the trip
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • If you have special medical needs, allergies or special food related needs, it is your responsibility to inform us at the time of booking.

16. The Norwegian Law of withdrawal in relations to sales

The Norwegian Law of Withdrawal chapter 5 §19 refers to the restrictions in the Law of withdrawal in Norway. §19 b. Chapter 5, state the following circumstance where the law of withdrawal does not apply; in sales of single services when seller commits to deliver a service on a specific time or within a certain period of time. Single services include all services; accommodation, trips, transportation and activities sold through Visit Stranda. Instead, the rules of cancellations apply here, stated in section 4 above.

17. Contact Information

Visit Stranda
Address: Strandvegen 17, 6200 Stranda                                                                                

Tlf: + 47 451 640 00

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