Privacy Policy uses cookies through Google Analytics. Cookies are small text files which automatically get saved on your competer when entering Visit Stranda's webpage. Information retrieved are used to improve marketing. We guarantee that non of this information makes it possible for us to connect it personally to you and your use of this webpage.

We use Google Analytics to analyze visitor date, for example number of users who visit different pages, the time period and duration of visit. The information from Google Analytics will be saved on Googles servers in the US, and is governed by Google's Privacy Policy.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings in your browser so that this does not happen. However, it may mean that some of the sites you visit no longer work properly.

If you fill out information in a form to make a request, the information you provide will be stored with us. This information is used to process your inquiry. We do not share this information with any third party.

Visit Stranda uses Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool that enables us to measure the effectiveness of marketing. Visit Stranda uses collected Pixel data to:
- Increase sales
- Now our target group
- Measure the results of ads
Facebook Pixel makes it possible to recognize at the personal level.

When you use, you agree that your information will be used in accordance with these guidelines.

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