Opening hours Stranda Ski Resort 2019/2020

Photos: Fredrik Schenholm

Check the conditions at the web camera here

Opening hours Stranda Ski Resort 2019/2020

Open only Saturday and Sunday before christmas.  If good snow conditions 10.00-16.00

Christmas (21.12.19 - 05.01.20)

21-23. December. Open 10.00-16.00

24-25. December. Closed

26.December-05.January. Open 10.00-16.00

January 2020. Week 2-5

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Fursettrekket, Eggafjelltrekk og Snøkvit. Open 11.00-20.00 (Egga closes 16.00)

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday/Ffriday: Fursettrekket, Eggafjelltrekk og Snøkvit. Open 11.00-20.00 (Egga closes 16.00)

Saturday/Sunday: All lifts open 10.00-16.00

NEW!! Fridays in week 6 to 11: Fursetheis open with Fursetpaviljong till 21.00

February 03.02 - 13.04.2020 (2. Easter Day)

Open every day 10.00-16.00

Last evening skiing friday 13.March

Last open weekend: 25-26.April

Del denne siden: 
Åpningstider Strandafjellet
Åpningstider Strandafjellet
Åpningstider Strandafjellet


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