Eat and drinks

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Only few things are better than a good meal in magnificent nature. There are three restaurants in the Stradajfellet ski area: Fjord Panorama, Furset Café and Stova. There is also the restaurant ANNA and bar 1917 in Stranda Hotel, which offers locally brewed beer. Our newly renovated bar is open every Saturday evening.

Fjord Panorama Restaurant

The Fjord Panorama Restaurant offers a majestic view and a selection of high-quality regional dishes. In addition to steak burgers, these include variations with the well-known Strandabeacon. The dishes are rounded off with various local beers, organic juice, mineral water from mountain springs, wine and coffee. Our hosts strive to offer exquisite tastes to make the day in Strandafjellet a very special one.


Stova is located in the heart of Strandafjellet, close to the children's area and the Furset lift. Here you can get simple dishes like pizza, regional fish soup, and hot and cold drinks. Besides that, you can eat what you brought here. When the lifts close on Saturday, the Stova is a popular après-ski restaurant from 4 pm to 10 pm. A good atmosphere is guaranteed! On some Fridays there is also "Fredagstacco", a taccomenu as is a tradition in Norway since a few years. On the facebook page strandastova you will find detailed information about the activities.

Furset Café

At the top station of the ski lift on the Fursetside of the ski area is the cosy and quiet (hygge it would be called in Danish) Furset Café. Here you can enjoy delicious coffee, warm cocoa, lemonade, wine, beer, or warm mulled wine. We also offer stewed "bullar", muffins, waffles, sveler (Norwegian waffles) and much more. The famous Strandabacon, sausages, soups and porridge can also be found on the typical Norwegian menu. The café focuses completely on service and a unique flair.

Restaurant ANNA in Stranda Hotel

With a view of the Storfjord and at the foot of the mountains around Stranda you will find the restaurant ANNA, which is famous for its regional dishes. It offers an à la carte menu with variations of local ingredients. There is also a large selection of locally brewed beers, various ciders and, of course, good wine. There is also a wide range of non-alcoholic alternatives.

Good food is one of the little pleasures of everyday life or even on holiday. Come to our restaurant to enjoy it.

Bar 1917 in Stranda Hotel

The lobby bar of the Stranda Hotel has something for every taste: locally brewed beers - in total around 60-, Norwegian ciders, barrel matured aquavit, Norwegian gin, whiskey and a comprehensive selection of non-alcoholic beer. In addition, we offer fruit juices from the region and mountain water. For our drinks we use juices and syrup with ingredients from nature around Stranda.

We also offer chocolate, muffins, pizza, coffee and other small delicacies. The atmosphere in the lobby is always good. We'd be happy to welcome you.

Festbar in Stranda Hotel

On some days we open our second, larger bar in the hotel, with live music or other entertainment and the well-known selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Our facebook page keeps you updated on those activities.

Brasserie Posten's idyllic location right next to the Geiranger Fjord has two outdoor serving areas, one with the view towards the old boathouses and the other toward the fjords and ferry.