GO VIKING - Come to the fjords in wintertime

Are you aware that ‘to go Viking’ was a phrase originally used by Norwegians to describe travelling overseas?

Because the Vikings were explorers. They set out from the fjords on adventures into the unknown. They travelled, traded, plundered and explored the world around them. We know the Vikings’ descendants today as Norwegians. The swords and helmets are long gone, but their spirit lives on. A Viking spirit you can now discover safely and comfortably.
From October to April, which we call the Viking season, Fjord Norway has something unique to offer: Contrasts. From mystical fjords enveloped in mist to sunny autumn days. From the islands and skerries of the coast and up steep majestic mountains. Dark, starlit nights followed by bright mornings with the freshest air you can imagine.
In the midst of this unique landscape: The people living here – descendants of the Vikings. Explore their culture and experience the fjords where they live. Enjoy local food and drink inspired by nature. Experience the beautiful fjord villages and cities and take part in everyday life in the fjords.

Discover Fjord Norway between October and April!

During winter there are not many tourists in the fjords - experience the silence and mystery of our fjords and waterfalls in this quiet time. 

Would you like to ski downwards the fjord with an amazing view? We will help you get in touch with guides who will give you unforgettable experiences. 

Contact us if you want a special experience in the fjords, we are here to help you :-) 

Go Viking in the fjords!



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