Dreaming of skiing with fjord view?

Pictures: Martin Kristoffersen

Dreaming of skiing with fjord view? In Stranda, your dream will come true!

Find eveything you need to know to plan your dream holiday at Stranda - the ski paradise at Sunnmøre! In addition, you will get tips on four mountainpeaks, where you will get spectacular fjord view and wonderful skiing. 

Sunnmøre is often mentioned as one of, or if not the most beautiful ski touring area in Norway. The combination of spectacular mountains, the beautiful fjords, good skiing and the fact that most of the peaks have short arrivals, results in more and more coming to Sunnmøre and the Sunnmøre alps in winter time. In the middle of this eldorado, you will find Stranda, idyllically located by the mighty Storfjord.


Stranda has a great location. Located admist mountains and fjords makes it the perfect base for the winter and spring summit adventures. What makes Stranda the perfect base for a summit holiday, is the wide variety of mountains you can choose from. Stranda is close to legendary alpine peaks such as 'the queen of Sunnmøre' - Slogen. Or peaks like Blæja, where the terrain is not as steep. But you still get the spectacular fjord view. Stranda is also close to Hjørundfjorden and Geiranger. 

Wheter you are an experienced top tour enthusiast or a beginner, you will find tours around Stranda that suits your physical level and skill level. Here is summits with fjord view that suits everyion regardless of previous experience. 


Strandafjellet, who is voted by Fri Flyts readers as Norway's best ski resort, is only a five minute drive from the village. With six lifts, seventeen, slopes and three restaurants, there is something for every skier at Strandafjellet. Is there some norwegian freeriders who does not dream of a powder day with skiing down classics like Blådalen and Grandiosaskogen? Then end the day with a thousand vertical metres nice down the Alperite route to Stranda. 

Accomodation Stranda

There is a wide range of accomodation potions at Stranda. You can choose from apartments and cabins with ski in and out at Strandafjellet, Stranda Hotel, and Stranda Feriesenter in the center of Stranda.

Book din overnatting på Stranda her 

The travel to Stranda

You can easily reach Stranda by car:

From Oslo it takes approx. seven and a half hour to drive.

From Trondheim it takes approx five hours to drive.

From Bergen it takes approx six hours to drive. 


If you want to go by plane to this dream destination, the closest airport is Vigra Airport Ålesund. Both Norwegian and SAS has several departures daily. Our partner, Ingers Trans, offers airport shuttle from Vigra to Stranda. Fast and efficient transport adapted to how many travelers you are and what you are bringing. If you choose airport shuttle, you get to enjoy the view of the Sunnmøre alps without having to think about oncoming traffic. 

Book transfer with Ingers Trans. They got everything from normal taxies to bus. You can order this in addition to your accommodation here. 

If you plan going on many trips while you are in Stranda, we recommend to rent a car. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to the choice of trips and the time to spend on the trips. 

You can book a rental car on our booking box on the front page forsiden, you can choose from all the major car rental companies. 

From Vigra Airport Ålesund it takes approx. one hour and forty-five minutes to Stranda. 


If you only plan skiing at Strandafjellet during your entire stay, you can manage without your own car. Ingers Trans offers a ski shuttle from Stranda to Strandafjellet every day. 


Shops, cafes and restaurants in Stranda

In the center of Stranda you will find everything you need for your holiday. Among other things, there are three grocery stores in Stranda, a sport shop that sells all the necessary ski equipment you need and carries out repairs. In addition, you will find other nice shops, cafe, bakery, several restaurants including restaurant Anna at Stranda Hotel. 

Hire of ski- and top-gear equipment. 

At Uteguiden you can rent everything you need for the trip. Ski, shoes, sticks, traps, backpack and skating equipment. 

Leie topptursutstyr: 

The ski rental at Strandafjellet has rental of everything you need for skiing and freeskiing. 

Leie løype og frikjørinsski


The snow is always fresh. Wind directions and local sun conditions affects where the snow settles and how the snow binds. In order to have the best chance of experiencing the best skiing, it is advisable to hire a local guide who knows the area. We recommend our partner Uteguiden, who got an activity center in both Stranda and Ålesund. Here you. can hire a guide and also rent equipment if you need. In addition to guiding top trips, Uteguiden offers landslide.. and freeway courses. 

Information on guiding, avalanche training and skipping course: https://uteguiden.com

Four top trips that will give you long lasting ski memories!

Ansokhornet (888moh) - The small peak with the amazing view

Ansokhornet is a great peak for those who have not been on many top trips, but also for those who have been on mant top trips and got a lot of experience and wants a shorter trip with amazing view. The view from Ansokhornet is phenomenal. From the top, you will see across the fjord to Stranda. With Strandafjellet, Slogen, Brekketind and Sunnmørsalpene roaming in the backround, inwards to the mighty Sunnylvsfjord, with its steep mountain sides, and all the way to Tafjord to the east. Simply a magnificent panorama. 

Getting to Ansokhornet: 

Ansokhornet is located on the other side of the fjord from Stranda. You will have to start the trip by taking. the ferry across the fjord. If you want, it is possible to get to the top straight from the ferry dock, but then you have to be prepared to carry your skies hundreds of metres high. We recommend taking the car. You have to drivetowards Liabygda, 200 metres after Ringsettunnelse, you have to take to the right and up towards the farm Ansok. Here you will eventually enter a dirt road, and approx. 300 metres after Grinda, there is a parking lot on the right side of the road. (If it is difficult to drive, we recommend to park down by the factory where you take off from the main road)

The trip follows the summer route from the mentioned parking lot, first trough the spruce forest at Haslevikmyra, then along the tractor road and the red-marked pine trees up to the birch forest. At the tree line you will come to Ansoksætra and will see the top ahead of you. Already here you will see something out of the ordinary and it is a nice place to have a break. From Sætra and up to the top the terrain is moderate landslide. Even if the terrain is not appreciably... steep, it is important to use common sense and make goode decisions based on the landslide forcast. 

Estimated time for the trip: from the parking lot at Haslevikmyra it is about 3 hours to the top

Required equipment: avalanche equipment and regular winter packing

Grøtet (1519moh) - The Storfjord's finest panoramic view and 1000 altitude meters with wonderful skiing 

There are few mountaintops that beats the view at Grøtetm 1519 metres above sea level. Sitting at top of Grøtet with good friends and feel the sun heat in your face, while enjoying the view to Ålesund and the ocean in the west, in north to? and in south to Lodalskåpa is an experience that will be remembered long after the ski season is over. 

Getting to Grøtet: 

Grøtet is located in Eidsdal. You have to take the ferry from Stranda to Liabygda. Then follow the signs in direction Geiranger, to Linge ferry dock. From Linge, the ferry will take you to Eidsdal. Then you continue to follow the signs to Geiranger. After 6 km, you turn to the right with the sign direction Hesthaug/Kilsti, and follow the road to the parking lot at Kilsti. The most common way to walk up to Grøtet is from Kilsti (here is the best parking lot). In addition, you can also go from Rønneberg. But then you have to inquire with the farm people at Rønneberg regarding to parking.

From Kilsti, there is a sign to Kilstivatnet. Depending on if it is winter or summer time, you can choose if would like to walk on ice over the water, or if you want. to go around the water to Kilstisætra. From here, there is a trip that goes further to Kilstiheia. This area can be susceptible to landslides, so it is advisable to plan your route in conservative terrain from Kilstisætra, and continue around and up the back of the "heia". Then you are able to avoid the steepest terrain.

From Rønneberg, the hike goes in a more relaxed terrain. You get a smooth, longer and even backhill all the way. Just before you reach the top, it gets a bit steeper. 

Late spring we recommend t0 go up and down via Kilsti, as the snow is further north. You are able to experience nice skiing at Grøtet until late may. 

Both from Kilsti and Rønneberg, you will experience up to 30 degrees steep, and some places even steepes. As always, you need to check the avalanche conditions, and make good assessments along the way. 

Estimated time: About 5 hours to the top

Required equipment: Avalanche equipment and regular winter packing

Kvitegga (1454moh)  - Downhill towards Geirangerfjorden

The Geirangerfjord is the main icon of Norwegian fjords. Endless of visitors enjoy the view of the world famous fjord every year. But there are only a few who gets to experience the pleasure of being 1454 metres above the world-famous fjord. Then dancing down the mountain side in bliss. Kvitegga has been one of the most hidden (and wonderful) places, but an increasing number of top-tour enthusiast is discovering this place every winter. SImply a summit and a trip you must experience!

Getting to Kvitegga: 

From Stranda, you drive towards RV 60 Hellesylt / Stryn. After about 20 minutes, you will arrive at a view point called Ljøen, where you can park at the parking lot. The view to the Geirangerfjord is already magnificent here. May be the finest place in Norway to put on your ski. 

Then you follow the Trondhjemske postvei to Ljøsætra, which is a nice place to take a break on the way up. There are not many Sæter's with as good location as Ljøsætra!

Further from Ljøsætra, you follow "postveien" a few more hundred metres, then you go into Ljødalen with. the view of the top 1454 metres high, which many refer to as Kvitegga. If you do not want to walk straight up, you can walk on the back to the right of the valley. 

Kvitegga itself is a little further on the back than the peak 1454, and is 1489 metres high. But the best skiing area is from the peak that is 1454 and back to Ljøsætra. 

Estimated time: about 4 hours to the top

Required equipment: avalanche equipment and regular winter packing

Heimste (1336moh) og Fremste Blåhorn (1478moh) - Two local classics.

Heimste and Fremste Blåhorn are two local classics. Fremste Blåhorn is the most common destionation, but you can visit both peaks on the same trip. From both Blåhorn's, you get a wonderful view to Stranda and Liabygda with all surrounding mountains. Especially from Fremste Blåhorn you get that majestic view of the mountains on the other side of the Sunnylvsfjord even closer...Grøtet, Smogehornet, Tretindenibba. And in the backround, you will see the mighty Skorene. Who just as well could have been in Switzerland as in Sunnmøre.

If you like to go on mountainski, you can go to Blåhorna via Dregetua and Vardnakken. This is a magnificent, but long mountainskiing. But we will describe the tour where you go from Fjørstad "in the valley". 

Getting to Blåhorna:

From Stranda you follow RV 60 towards Hellesylt and Stryn. After about 12 km, you will arrive at Fjørstad, where you take to the left and park by the old school house, which is now Grendahus. Remember to bring coins to pay for the parking. At the entrance of the Grendahus, there is a postbox and deposit envelopes for payment. 

At the fence above Grendahuset, there is a sign pointing up to Blåhorna. The tour starts with a walk over the open pasture and you follow the red marking through the birch forest. After a couple of hundred meters, you are past the forest border, then you follow the ridge further up to Heimfjørstadsætra. Many people have a small break here, with something to drink and a chocolate break at Sætra. Already here, you got a nice view down to Strandadalen towards Strandafjellet and over to the Sunnmøre alps to the west. 

From Sætra, you follow the ridge for about 150-200 meters in height, before crossing the river in the direction of Blåhorna. It is important to take into account prevailing snow conditions when crossing the river. After crossing the river, you will aims at the intersection between Blåhorna. When you get up to .. you can choose between the tops. If you plan to go on bothm we recommend going to Heimste first, because you got a longer continous descent from Fremste Blåhorn. 

On both peaks, you must be very careful and not step on the large shovels that hang to the east. It can be tempting for many to take a few steps out to get even better view towards the fjord, but do not do it as it is very risky. 

Estimated time spent from Grendahuset at Fjørstad: approx 4-5 hours to the top of Fremste Blåhorn.   Calculate a bit shorther time to Heimste. 

Required equipment: avalanche equipment and regular winter packing


The peaks mentioned are not particulary steep. But on all, except the Ansokhorn, you will at some point of the trip be affected by terrain up to 30 degrees, or steeper. It is important that you become well acquainted with prevailing snow conditions. Always check varsom.no before going on a trip. In addition, it is advisable to download NGI's app bratt.no, then you can both be oriented on the map, and see the steepness of the trip in the color codes of NGI. A memorable summit tour already starts when you plan it. 

In the backpack

See what Uteguiden recommends of necessary equipment in the bag

I sekken

In addition to the equipment, it is of course necessary to bring drinks, gladly both hot and cold. And enough food and snacks, bring a bit more than you think is needed, in case you need more food due to. unforeseen events.  


We look forward to welcome you here at Stranda, and to hear about your fantastic skiing experiences after visiting one or more of the mountain peaks around the fjord, or at Strandafjellet!

Book overnatting for ditt skieeventyr hos oss

See you at Stranda!



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